Buenos AIres
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Buenos Aires is probably the most European style city (and the most modern) in South America. It is the capital of culture for Latin America.

the famous “El Obelisco”
the city center
the financial district

The city of “fair winds” has two huge passions: football and tango. It is the city who has the most football clubs in the main divisions in the world. The game between River Plate and Boca Junior is the hottest match and Diego Maradona is immensely glorified.

The tango was born in the nightclubs of Buenos Aires and has since rytmed the region.

The capital of Argentina has the biggest Mosque of Latin America. It has a strong muslim community for a hispanic country.

The university of Buenos Aires is one of the most prestigious of the continent; it has produced 5 Nobel Prize.

The Nueve de Julio is the largest avenue of the world with something like 45 lanes.

Unfortunately, you can see some shanty towns when travelling outside the popular paths...

the largest avenue of the world
Puente de La Mujer
the president’s residence
El Monumental
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Biggest Mosque of Latin America
Villas miseria