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Las Piedras
La Rocha

Uruguay, once called “American Switzerland”, is separated with the Rio Plata from Argentina. In Montevideo, the seaport is called la Rumba.

Once you have passed the old town, you arrive at the city center. It is the lively part of the town. All sort of things are going on there. It is the prosperous area as well.

la rumba
la ciudad vieja

I lived with my friend’s family and we spent Christmas with them. The residential area was nice and green. Sometimes,guarani children would come with a cart and a horse to collect paper and carton. They would later exchange it for money in a factory.

La Paloma
Rio de la plata

We spent a week-end in Punta Del Este. The city were all rich people go :-)

The environment was radically different: a superficial world opened to us. But not hardfeeling, my friend’s cousin had a private yacht and we had a fantastic time. I’ll let the pictures speak...

Punta Del Este

Back in Montevideo, what more to do? La parilla of course!!! If you don’t understand, check the food section :-)

We know the owner because he used to live in Switzerland before.

Check the video